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"Take care of your body.  It's the only place you have to live in."

You know best which option to select.  Want to have a discussion before making your choice? Contact  Certified Primal Health Coach  Tom White at (204) 615-1470 or email.

​​You have likely been told that you should concentrate on 'managing' your diabetic condition - while your health continues a downward spiral.  It has been proven that adopting a diet/lifestyle closer to your ancient relatives will allow your body to heal to the extent it can, and at the rate it can.  This is not a fad - it a based on scientifically proven ancestral principles.

Read my story in the 'About' tab and see what the power of correcting my diet had on multiple health conditions.  My T2 diabetic condition was resolved in days!

Follow the direction of a certified Primal Health Coach and allow your body to heal.


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