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​​More Than Managing Diabetes  (Guide to Health Restoration - eBook)

​     The founder and owner of End Diabetes Manitoba eliminated his Type 2 diabetes (and several other health issues) in 2011 when he corrected his diet. His results are not extraordinary - they are typical of people that embrace their corrected diet.  Prediabetes is addressed by the same diet correction.  Type 1 diabetics have experienced insulin use reduction ranging from 38% to 50% when following this diet correction.

    This isn't a calorie restricted, carbohydrate counting fad diet.  No detoxes, cleanses or hunger.  All based on proven evolutionary biology and human ancestral history.  Just relearning to eat what your body expects.

     If you are sufficiently disciplined to follow guidance in making dietary changes to support your body in healing, click the 'Get Guide to Health Restoration' button below.  Immediately after purchase you will be given a link to download the guide.  Make the diet/lifestyle changes specified in the guide and you will see results.

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​Give your body the nutrients it needs, and get out of the way.