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End Diabetes Manitoba

How a Health Coach Can Help​

    Your doctor, pharmacist or dietitian has likely told you that managing your diabetic condition is all that you can do.  You donate money, attend fundraisers and help fund research to come up with a cure.  You only have one lifetime . . . . do you know what works NOW?  Food.  Real food.  It is as easy, and as difficult, as changing your diet.​

   ​Do you want a life of continuous blood sugar monitoring, medications and counting carbs - all the while moving towards a future that involves heart disease, kidney disease, blindness, amputation or neuropathy?

  The founder and owner of End Diabetes Manitoba resolved his Type 2 diabetes (and several other health issues) in 2011 when he corrected his diet.  His results are not extraordinary - they are typical of people that embrace their corrected diet.  Prediabetes is addressed by the same diet correction.  Type 1 diabetics have experienced insulin use reduction of 38% to 50% when following this diet correction.

    We are here to educate you on the power of food.  Eating closer to what humans have been eating for hundreds of thousands of years and what we should still be eating.  We have strayed so far, and become so sick.  We are not meant to be sick, but illness is so common that we think that it is inevitable.  Don't believe that family history and predisposition are your path.  You have control over your health destiny.  Consuming a poor diet will give a greater chance for 'bad genes' to show themselves, but consuming a proper diet will likely keep those 'bad genes' from showing themselves.  

    This isn't a calorie restricted, carbohydrate counting fad diet.  No detoxes, cleanses or hunger.  All based on proven evolutionary biology and human ancestral history.  Just relearning to eat what your body expects.  If you aren't willing, or able, to permanently adopt a diet that is proper for your genetic history then just continue on the path you are on.

    For one-on-one counselling in the Winnipeg area, click on Contact in the menu and a free Discovery Call will be arranged, or search for a Primal Health Coach (worldwide) to start you on your healing path.  Gender and age independent.

Give your body the nutrients it needs, and get out of the way.