Feedback from people that have embraced a dietary correction: 

  • I was suffering from worsening type 2 diabetes (on medication and under threat of starting injectable drugs), at the heaviest weight of my life (179 pounds, at 5′ 2” tall), and had a host of constant irritations. I had colds, headaches, stomachaches, lethargy, sweet cravings, horrible self-image, and basically felt lousy all the time. My husband was also at his heaviest weight, and complained of heartburn, irregular heartbeat, backaches, frequent sunburns, carb cravings and high blood pressure. All of these problems have since vanished, thanks to the Primal lifestyle. - Barbie *

  • My A1C went from 8.6 to 5.0 in four months.  Every year it has stayed at 5.0.  I also lost 100 lbs. - Thomas *

  • ​Not only has the blood sugar improved (before carb restriction I started at a 7 A1C (diabetic) and now am at 5.7 (normal person range), but I am rid of the insulin roller coaster. No more massive hunger attacks, no more sugar or carb cravings, no more mid-afternoon crashing, no over-eating at night, no more feeling like I’m a slave to meal times. I feel like I have been freed at last! - Tina *

  • I’ve lost 70 lbs, I’m off ALL my meds, my blood pressure is normal and my A1C is going down. My doctor is impressed! - Harry *

* your results may vary

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